We collaborate with the NGO Amigosdebuba

Fonda Llabrés actively collaborates with the Mallorcan NGO Amigosdebuba.

This NGO has been operating since 2013 in Warang, Senegal where it provides medical services to the most disadvantaged population in the area.

Among the medical team of Amigosdebuba there are dentists, prosthetics, pediatricians, gynecologists and doctors of general medicine who attend Senegalese without financial resources.

It also provides basic services and infrastructure to health centers in the area and is currently building a school to literate a rural area.

The Llabrés family has been part of the November 2019 project that has participated in the relief work in Warang for 10 days.

If you want to collaborate with us or want more information from the NGO friends of Buba, you can find it on the website www.amigosdebuba.online


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