The concept “Fonda Boutique”

At the Fonda Llabrés we are determined to create a new hotel concept merging the best of two styles, the fonda and the boutique hotel, to create a new style: the Fonda Boutique.

Our place has its roots in the fondas of past centuries: pensions of passage, humble and family, where workers and merchants used to go looking for the best price, family treatment and homemade food.

This was always the Fonda, managed since 1957 by the Llabrés family. And also long before, when the same building had been the Fonda Tomás.

That familiar character, close, humble, where rooms and restaurant merge in the same space, where the local product of our land is cooked, is in the same soul of the building.

We like how we are and where we come from, and that’s why we have retained all these values ​​of our establishment, and now we want to offer more, the best of a Boutique Hotel.

That is why we have reformed the bowels of our building to highlight its unique architecture, enhance its own style and character, creating more intimate environments and offering an even more personalized service and attention. We continue cooking KM products. 0 with ancestral recipes but with contemporary techniques.

We have taken comfort and technology to a new dimension, the design elements coexist elegantly in austere spaces and we have given an exclusive touch to each space with the intervention of artist Jaume Poma and interior designer Silvia Piris.

Ah! And as always, we are in the same place, in the heart of the historic center of Alcudia. Can you feel it?

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