A varied, original and delicious gastronomy

Alcúdia has a varied, original and delicious Mediterranean cuisine. The Balearic recipe book consists of more than 500 dishes, many of which are very laborious. The main ingredients come from the sea and the land and they are mainly seasoned with the traditional olive oil and “saïm” (lard). The oil, which has a strong fragrance and taste, comes principally from the Tramuntana mountain range. Our olive oil is so special that it has its own Designation of Origin. Lard, which comes from the pig, is a product resulting from the traditional matança (pig-killing).

From the pig comes a wide variety of delicious charcuterie among which stands out the sobrassada, the butifarrons, the llonganissa and the camaiot.

One of the most characteristic dishes in Mallorcan cuisine is the Sopes Mallorquines (Mallorcan soups), made with fine slices of bread in a hot broth and accompanied by vegetables and a bit of meat.

But there are plenty of other tasty dishes such as tumbet, trempó, coques de verdura, cocarrois, panades, frit de matances o freixura, arròs brut, conill amb ceba and porcella rostida. Among the fish dishes stand out molls, cap-roig, denton a la mallorquina, llobarro a la sal, llampuga o el arròs de peix. They‘re all very tasty and original.

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