The best shops in Palma

As you might expect, Palma is a Mecca for anyone that enjoys shopping at its best, and it has by far the best shopping on the island. There are a huge variety of shops within the city, with prices to suit all budgets. Here goes some suggestions regarding the best shops in Palma.

Avenida Jaime III
-This Avenue is perhaps the most well-known shopping area in Palma, and is often compared to London’s Bond Street because of its extensive range of up- market shops and designer names. Having said that, not all the shops are expensive, and the main department store, ‘El Corte lngles’, is situated at one end. Like British department stores, it sells everything you can think of and also has a cafeteria and food hall on the premises.

Via Sindicato
– Perhaps the best shopping within Palma, and one of the oldest parts of the city, the Via Sindicato is a maze of traffic free streets where you will find an abundance of boutiques and other shops.

Plaza Mayor
– This is a large marble square situated within the Via Sindicato, and houses a mixture of shops and cafes with a bustling, Bohemian atmosphere. Underground there is an excellent shopping center, where you will again find a good selection of boutiques.

Perhaps the main attraction of the Plaza Mayor though, is the craft fair that occupies one end of the square each weekend, where you will find many of the traditional crafts produced here on the island.

Bars and restaurants
– Some of these can be fairly expensive so it is wise to check the menus and prices before sitting down. In fact in some establishments they will vary the charges depending on Where you sit – the exterior terracing tending to be the most expensive – so check before you order.

– There are three hypermarkets within the surrounding areas of Palma, and generally items will be cheaper than in local supermarkets.

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